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    Only trusted and certified
    veterinarians and specialists
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    No stress for your pet during transport
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    Reasonable and pre-arranged prices
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    The right day, time and place just for you

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And order a house visit with a trusted veterinarian or an animal care specialist


  • Add your pet's profile on My pets page, fill up the required fields (name, race, age, gender, weight).

    Go to My Calls section and click on “Call a Doctor” button. Put on the reason for the call and, if necessary, add photo and comment for the doctor.

    Enter your address using the geolocation feature or fill it in manually. Choose the preferred time and date for the doctor’s visit

    Add a preferred payment method

    Select the required services from the list. If you are not sure what type of services you need, just select the basic service “Visit + examination”. The veteribnarian will add the necessary services during the examination of your pet if required.

    Choose a doctor from the list of approved and available specialists. You can review the doctor’s rating and read his/her biography before selection. Confirm the call.

  • If you are not sure whether you need some of the services for your pet, you can always add them later after creating an order (on the active call card) or during doctor’s visit.

  • The doctor arrives on the selected date, time and place and performs initial examination of the pet. Recommendations on further procedures and animal care are included.

  • You can always contact the doctor you have selected through the internal chat or by phone. Go for that to the active Order card and choose the preferred communication method.

  • Convenient and easy!

    In My Calls section select the needed order and click on it. Two buttons pop-up: "Edit" and "Cancel". Click "Edit" and select a new date and time.

    Pay attention: the earlier you transfer the call, the easier it will be for the doctor to adjust to the newly scheduled time period and to come for a visit.

  • Yes.

    Our online payments are made through the Cloudpayments payment system, which uses deep data encryption algorithms and a multi-level security system. It is used by many well-known services, for example, Papa John's, PUMA or DoDo Pizza.

  • The payments are processing according to the “Safe deal” principle: after choosing the services and confirming the order, the payment gets reserved on your card. Only after the service has been successfully provided, the payment is debited from your card and accrued to the doctor's account.

  • The cash option is not yet available. But we are working on it.

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